10 Commandments of Parenting

Posted on August 25, 2017

by Gary Herring, Head of School

1.  Remember that elementary school is just that…elementary. Don’t stress when the school calls you. Don’t over-emphasize grades. Consider this: Do YOU remember your third grade math scores?

2.  Be on time! Be on time for school, church, and sports.

3.  Reading to your child each night is not negotiable; it is necessary.

4.  Don’t be your child’s friend. Friends do not discipline friends. You will have many years after he or she has left home to be their friend. Don’t allow your child to make decisions on important matters such as where they are going to school.

5.  Pray that your child will be caught doing wrong in elementary school. Wrongdoing in high school will have much more serious consequences. And don’t neglect nor be afraid to discipline.Don’t be afraid to say NO!

6.  Fathers, take the lead in being the spiritual leader in your homes. Your wife wants you to do this, and Holy Scripture commands it.Give your child the blessing of seeing you read your Bibles, and conclude each night with your children on your knees in prayer beside their beds.

7.  Teach your children to respect authority by modeling that yourself.

8.  Use the time traveling to and from school to strengthen your relationships with your children. This is impossible to do while you are on your phone!

9.  Choose your extra-curricular activities carefully. Kids need time to rest, and too much activity can gain control of your life before you know it. Especially if your child is participating in more than one activity at a time.

10.  Fathers and mothers, your relationships with one another need to take priority over your relationships with your children. This too is Biblical. Your children need to realize that the world does not revolve around them.