A Heart for Sweetwaters

by Meredith Johnson

Third graders Anders Morgan and Jane Ann Sumrall spent the afternoon recently selling lemonade to their neighbors. Jane Ann’s sister, Julia Catherine, and her friend, Gracie Bourn, who are in fifth grade, worked the table too. But instead of spending the money on ice cream or at the mall, the girls brought it to school to donate to Sweetwaters, this year’s FPDS outreach project.

“My sister mentioned it, and I thought it would be cool to raise money for the orphanage,” Jane Ann said.

All together, the girls raised $18, and they want to encourage their schoolmates to do the same. “I wish everyone could get involved, and we could all raise money,” Anders said. “They are less fortunate, and we have lots of stuff, and they need a chance to experience things too.”

Anders and Jane Ann are in Mrs. Bailey’s class – and their adopted prayer partner in Sweetwaters is a girl named Phubie. When asked what they enjoy most about having an ‘adopted child’ in Sweetwaters, Anders said “Seeing her picture – she’s so pretty, and she has a big smile.”

The girls look forward to receiving letters back from Phubie. And they already have an idea for their next fundraiser. “We can paint pictures of pretty things and sell them,” said Anders.