Expectations for Student Learning

At First Presbyterian Day School, our expectations for student learning align with our mission statement. We strive first and foremost to plant seeds of Christlikeness in the hearts of our students. We want students to raise the bar of academic excellence at their own individual pace in their own time and instill hearts of service in our children.

  1. Students will demonstrate the knowledge, faith, and commitment to stand firmly on God’s unchanging truth in a world that has no absolutes.
  2. Students will demonstrate a thorough comprehension and command of the fundamental processes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematical reasoning, and scientific study and be able to express ideas clearly and confidently.
  3. Students will demonstrate good citizenship by developing an appreciation and understanding of our Christian and American heritage of responsible freedom, respect for authority, and human dignity.
  4. Students will demonstrate respect and compassion for all fellow students, accepting and learning from differences such as varying economic backgrounds, cultures, races, and ability levels.
  5. Students will demonstrate the ability to think rather than just memorize facts so they can critically evaluate and infer meaning from written and spoken materials and arrive at solutions to problems.
  6. Students will demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the fine arts and have opportunity to express their own talents through the arts.
  7. Students will develop habits of good health and physical fitness and will demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  8. Students will demonstrate skills in accessing and utilizing information from technological sources.
  9. Students will display an attitude toward work that includes integrity, responsibility, and a desire for excellence.