The mission of the First Presbyterian Day School Library is to encourage students to enjoy reading and appreciate literature, to provide access to a wide variety of materials, and to teach students information literacy skills. We hope to do this in an atmosphere in which students can become skillful, discriminating users of all our available media. The heart of our mission is to foster a lifelong appreciation of reading and learning in our students through the use of their God-given gifts.

A beautiful and inviting place, the library was renovated in the summer of 2012. The artwork on the walls was paid for by a donation from the 2012 sixth grade class. We house nearly 17,000 items for teachers and children to use, including fiction, nonfiction, biographies, and picture books (everybody’s favorite). We also have a reference shelf along with videos, DVDs, and audiobooks for the teachers’ use in their classrooms.

K5 and first grade students come to the library on a rotation schedule. Second through sixth grade come once a week. Fourth through sixth grades may check out two books a week, and first through third grades check out one book each visit. After Christmas break, our kindergarteners learn how to check out one book, which stays in their classrooms.

Open library hours are every morning from 7:30 to 8:00.