Special Subjects

Our Special Subject classes are taught during regular school hours, and each class typically has one Special Subject per day. In addition, grades first through sixth attend Physical Education once every day.


(K5 through Sixth grades)

Students’ artistic creativity and talents are cultivated through our Art program at FPDS. Students are exposed to calligraphy, portraits, landscapes, and more and are taught a variety of mediums such as chalk, watercolors, pencil drawings, and even detailed creations with markers.  Students are also taught the history of art.


(Sixth grade)

Biblical Leadership uses images, conversations, and experiences to help students stand out as humble, servant-leaders, through topics such as communication, gratitude, empathy, resilience, and identity. These, and other topics, will be studied as evidenced in the life of the ultimate servant-leader, our Lord Jesus Christ.


(Third through Sixth grades)

This special subject consists of skill development in reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, organization, study skills, note taking, and emotional intelligence. Students will work on skills that build and develop into the next year, culminating in preparing sixth grade students for the ACT and public speaking.

Sixth Grade Elevate Newscast 2019


(First through Sixth grades)

The Idea Lab is an engaging classroom for students of all ages, that fosters creativity and collaboration with technology. This creative space is a breath of fresh air with newly-painted walls, a cozy couch, whiteboard tables/walls, wiggle chairs, and updated equipment. Students use a variety of tech tools including Chromebooks, iPads, Apple TVs, and playful robots that will provide a wide spectrum of skills on multiple devices.

Learning objectives focus on four key technology topics that are related to the National Technology Standards. The tech-on-target topics are computer basics, digital citizenship, computer coding, and research using the internet. These lessons teach students to use digital devices, to problem-solve with a computer program called Blockly, to practice ethical standards that are biblically based, and to locate and analyze valid information on search engines.



This class is a unique program designed to teach young children the foundational values of integrity. They will learn many lessons about the importance of choosing what is true, good and right through fun games, puppets, and songs.


(K5 through Sixth grades)

See Library page.


(K3, K4, and K5)Uses fun games and activities to promote large and small motor development


(K3 through Fifth grades)

Kindergarten, first and second graders enjoy many different activities during Music, including learning how to parade with flags and playing handbells and xylophones. Third graders learn Orff instruments and how to sing rounds and partner songs. Kindergarten through fifth grades each present a play throughout the year, where every child has a speaking, dancing, or singing part.

Each year the individual grade levels will learn a featured hymn that supports their Bible class curriculum.


K3 and K4 students receive science instruction in a fun, interactive class.

K5 through fourth grade students attend science weekly for one semester of the school year in addition to their special subject rotation.


(K5, First, and Second grades)

Word Works is a fun, interactive special subject class that focuses on building better readers and writers.
Kindergarten students will participate in multi-sensory activities that reinforce reading readiness, alphabet skills, phonemic awareness, fine motor skills, handwriting and much more.
First and second grade students are further supported in their reading and writing by focusing on spelling patterns, high-frequency words, relationships
between words, and more. The students also participate in multi-sensory activities to learn the concepts of the writing process.

Our K3 and K4 students also have the opportunity to attend:

TOTS (Teams of Tomorrow): Creative and unique ways for students to learn, experience, and master all sorts of ball-handling skills in addition to movement, counting, and many more skills.

Bricks 4 Kidz: Spatial and small motor skills by building with LEGO blocks.