Swim Team

First through sixth grade girls and boys are invited to compete at the annual Mississippi Association of Independent Schools Swim Team. The team practices once before the meet and attends the meet together during a school day in the fall. Our team has placed first in the overall elementary division for several years in a row. Students who place receive ribbons at a post-meet cake and ice cream team party held at the school’s pavilion.

The Mississippi Association of Independent Schools' Swim Meet has been set for Wednesday, September 18, and we want your child to be part of the FPDS swim team! This is a fun swim meet involving all of the private schools in the state. We do not yet know the location of the meet but have been told that it will likely be in the Jackson area.

We have been State Champions for the last ten years. We hope you will join us again to keep the trophy coming to FPDS! The meet usually begins around 12:00 p.m. and ends late in the afternoon, depending on how many children participate statewide.

Every swimmer matters, and this is one of the few opportunities to represent FPDS in a competitive sport. In order to participate, your child must have participated on at least a recreational swim team, and each child must be able to swim at least 25 yards without any difficulty or assistance at all. Each swimmer also needs to be able to swim two different strokes correctly. The children will compete in either the 1st- 3rd grade level or the 4th- 6th grade level. Each child may swim a maximum of two individual events per MAIS guidelines, and there will be two relay teams per age division, for both girls and boys. Also, each child must have a parent or another designated adult to assist him/her at the meet.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your event requests, but please know this cannot be guaranteed. This is a team sport with very specific guidelines for entries. In order for the team to have swimmers in each event, your child may be asked to swim an event that may not be his/her personal best or may only swim one event. Even so, his/her participation is important and necessary to complete our team.

A non-refundable $35 participation fee per child will be charged to your FACTS account once all registration forms are completed. The amount includes MAIS entry fees, team swim cap, and a team t-shirt.

Please complete the online registration form by Thursday, August 29. This is a firm deadline, so that we can submit entries to the MAIS on time. We are looking forward to your participation.

**Online link: https://forms.gle/nKeRFFrCnaVWkLj36