Christmas…the Cradle or the Cross?

by Kathryn Day

I love to see the reactions of my students when I ask them to turn to Luke 23 rather than Luke 2 as we read our “Christmas Story” lesson before leaving school for Christmas break. Reading the story of the crucifixion of Jesus rather than the story of His birth is always such a stark reminder of WHY our Savior came to earth – He came to die. Certainly, we hear wonderful truths in reading of Jesus’ birth, but shouldn’t all of those truths point us toward the life He came to live and the death He came to die?

God promised His people, all the way back in Genesis 3:14-15, that He would destroy Satan by the seed of the woman, His Son. But even though Christ would be the one to crush the head of Satan and defeat him, our Hero had to die in order to conquer our enemy. Isaiah 53 tells us He was “crushed for our iniquities,” and it is “by His wounds we are healed.” Jesus is the Hero of the story, but in most stories, the hero is the one who lives and who kills the enemy. But in the story of the Bible, for Jesus to be the Hero, He has to die (and rise again!) in order to beat the enemy and win. It cost Jesus His own life to win the battle over sin and Satan. He died so that we might live.

So as your talk with your children this Christmas about the manger, the angels, and the wise men, don’t forget to point them to the Cross. He was born to die, and in His death and resurrection, we find life everlasting. Merry Christmas!

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