Field Day

FPDS Field Day is one of the most special days of the school year.  It is a day we set aside to have fun and celebrate the wonderful year God has blessed us with. All students K3 through sixth grade and their families attend the event held in May off-campus. All students who attend are required to have a parent or guardian present, and there are many volunteer opportunities. There will be no school on campus this day, along with no after-school care. Please check back for important information! 

How can families be involved in Field Day?

  • Volunteer for a shift
  • Attend with your family (each child is required to have one guardian present)
  • Pre-purchase food & drink tickets to save your time at the event for fun things!
  • Purchase a t-shirt for your child to wear
  • Cheer on your class during the relays
  • Line the streets for the neighborhood parade (from the school to the event)
  • Watch for important emails after spring break with links to purchase items and event details


Friday, May 6, 2022
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Belhaven University Practice Field

All students are required to have a parent or guardian present for field day, but we also need parent volunteers! Please sign up to volunteer to make this day special for everyone. Please note below the time of your child’s relay - you don’t want to miss watching them! Also, those that are not volunteering in the early morning are encouraged to line the streets of Belhaven for the parade!

CLICK HERE to volunteer.

Field Day will begin for K3-K5 at 8am at Belhaven University. K5 will then stay after opening ceremonies for their relays at 9:30am. K3/K4 will NOT participate in relays.

1st-6th grades will arrive to their classrooms at school by 8:15, and each class will walk to the gym to begin the parade* by 8:30. Parents who are not volunteering at Belhaven in the early morning are encouraged to line the streets for the parade and follow your child to Belhaven. JPD and security will be providing security and street closures for the parade.

Relays begin at 9:30.


Kindergarten & 6th Grade: 9:30-10:00
1st & 2nd Grade: 10:15-10:45
3rd, 4th & 5th Grade: 11:00-11:30

This is the first year that FPDS preschool is joining in on Field Day, and they will be able to participate in “carnival” style fun games, crafts, and activities in their own area of the practice field. Preschoolers will NOT be participating in relays. Come join in on the fun beginning at 8am, eat some yummy food and watch the opening ceremonies for the older students. It is encouraged that preschoolers do not stay after the opening ceremonies unless they have older siblings in an effort to avoid lost children and sharing jumpies with older students.

KINDERGARTNERS (K5) are invited to this “carnival” as well before their relays at 9:30 a.m.

On Field Day, May 6, 1st-6th grade students will report to their homerooms at their normal time–8am. K3-K5 students and their parents will be at Belhaven already enjoying their activities! We ask that any parent not immediately attending or volunteering at Field Day line the streets of Pinehurst or Peachtree streets to cheer on our Crusaders as we make our way to Belhaven University. Security will be present. JPD will block off traffic at the cross streets of Belhaven while the students parade. Students will parade with their teachers and homerooms carrying balloons and a classroom flag that they are working hard to decorate!

VIEW Parade Map (larger scale)

The only tickets that you will need for Field Day are food/ drink tickets AND tickets to purchase a water bottle. Water bottles will be pre sold this year and sent home with t-shirts. They will also be sold at Field Day, but may only be purchased AFTER opening ceremonies. The food and drink booths will ONLY take tickets and do NOT accept cash. There will be pizza, chicken sandwiches, snow cones, candy, drinks, etc. available. Tickets will be sold at Field Day, but we encourage you to purchase tickets in advance of Field Day through our online sale to avoid the lines. Tickets are $1 each, purchased in $5 increments. Your FACTS account will be charged. You may purchase tickets as a whole family, and we will send the tickets home with the child you designate on the form.

K3-K5, you will purchase food & drink tickets for your morning event at the same link below.
6th graders are provided food, drinks, water bottles, etc. at their special Sixth Grade Tent area to celebrate our graduating Crusaders!

Purchase Food, Drink, and Water Bottle Tickets - Orders close May 2.

Families may park in the Belhaven University parking lots or along the street. Security will be patrolling.

Each grade will wear a different color Field Day T-Shirt to the event. These shirts are $20 each and will be billed to your FACTS account. The FPDS Crusader Club covers the cost for our sixth graders. If you opted out of a t-shirt with your child’s teacher, your child will wear the following colored shirt: K3 and K4-light blue, K-white, 1st-red, 2nd-yellow, 3rd-blue, 4th-green, 5th-gray, 6th-tie dye.

Students may wear play shorts to the event.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, bring a blanket and lots of sunscreen!

Please be in prayer for this special day– that we have wonderful weather and that we may rejoice in the amazing year in which God has blessed us.

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