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HOLIDAY POTPOURRI 2022 is scheduled for November 11, at the home of Graham and Meredith Calvert.

FPDS’s only fundraiser, Holiday Potpourri generates more than $200,000 annually for educational and extra-curricular improvements to our school without raising tuition. Sponsors, parents, and volunteers come together for this half-day event consisting of a home and garden showcase, Bountiful Bakery, Gift Gallery, Silent Auction, Tasting Tea, musical performances by our own talented students, and much more.



How can families be involved in Holiday Potpourri?

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Holiday Potpourri FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Holiday Potpourri? Holiday Potpourri is an annual fundraiser led by the families of FPDS. Since 1974, funds raised surrounding this event have provided a level of excellence at FPDS, including a state-of-the-art science lab, renovated art room, expanded library, new playground equipment and Apple technology. Donating, volunteering, selling tickets, and attending the event are just a few ways to become involved with FPDS’s only yearly fundraiser.

Are the Crusader Party and Holiday Potpourri two separate parties or one? The Crusader Party is a completely separate event held in August to kick off fundraising for Holiday Potpourri. A nighttime party usually hosted at an FPDS parent’s home, the event is a great way to meet other parents, kick off the school year, and attend a live auction! The actual Holiday Potpourri event is held on a Friday in the fall from 9:00-2:00.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer to help with Holiday Potpourri in the fall. 

How much are tickets to the Crusader Party in August? Tickets are $40 per person and $75 per couple.  You can also help host the party for $150 per couple. 

Do children attend the Crusader Party? No, the Crusader Party is for adults only.

Do we need to sell tickets to the Crusader Party? No, simply purchase a ticket to the party if you want to attend.  The event is the perfect time to meet other parents, kick off the school year, and attend a live auction with great food and music! All proceeds go to FPDS.

How much are Holiday Potpourri tickets in October? Holiday Potpourri tickets are $10 each.

How many tickets is each child expected to sell? Each child is encouraged to sell 10 tickets that cost $10 each. Each child’s FACTS account will be drafted $100 to cover the cost.  You also have the option to opt out of an account draft and can send in cash or a check for your tickets. Once your child sells the 10 tickets, they are encouraged to request more tickets to sell.

What is Parent Patron? Parent Patron is the school’s parent giving program so that every family has the option to donate if they would like. Being a Parent Patron is a simple way to donate and support the school. If you donate at least $250 to Parent Patron, you will be exempt from selling Holiday Potpourri tickets.

Are you required to sell tickets if you are a Parent Patron? If you donate at least $250 to Parent Patron you are exempt from selling Holiday Potpourri tickets for all of your children. If you would still like to sell tickets, please email the ticket chairman listed above.

Are there any incentives to selling Holiday Potpourri tickets? All proceeds from ticket sales go to our wonderful school! Each child is encouraged to sell 10 tickets but if you want to sell more, please do! There are several prizes for the top sellers.

What is a Corporate Sponsor? Becoming a Holiday Potpourri Corporate Sponsor is a great way for your business (and our community) to support the school. There are multiple Corporate Sponsor levels starting at $500. Details on benefits are outlined in the Corporate Sponsor Contracts.

Do I need to volunteer to work at Holiday Potpourri? We ask for all parents to volunteer to sign up for a Holiday Potpourri shift.  There is a wide range of shifts available. All parents will receive a Volunteer Sign Up email in September. Each child will receive a Homework Pass if their parent signs up for a shift!

Do children attend Holiday Potpourri? No, the children have a regular school day at FPDS the day of the event. We encourage parents to sign up for a volunteer shift and attend! Holiday Potpourri is from 9:00- 2:00.