The Crusader Clothing Co.

What is The Crusader Clothing Co.?

The Crusader Clothing Co. provides merchandise for our entire FPDS family. The Crusader Clothing Co. will provide outerwear, t-shirts, and other spirit apparel such as socks, bows, football jerseys, cheer uniforms and more! Our store is in-person shopping only; no personal orders. Think of it like a retail shop! Come browse and look.

How do I find out when the store is open?

Store hours will be posted in our weekly parent newsletter emailed each Friday during the school year. Pictures of new inventory may be posted on school social media; these will be for sale along with other in stock items.

Where is the store located?

At this time, the store does not have a permanent location. Weekly locations will be posted in the newsletter along with hours. Permanent location coming SOON!

What items are school approved?

All items that can be worn as outerwear are school approved for everyday wear. T-shirts, jerseys, cheer uniforms, etc. will be worn on Fridays and designated Spirit/ Dress Down Days. (T-shirts and jerseys may be worn on those days with jeans or uniform pants/skorts/shorts).

How will I pay for my purchases?

All purchases will be charged to your FACTS account. Checks and cash are also accepted at this time. No credit cards.

Who do I contact if I have questions about any items or The Crusader Clothing Co.?

If you have any questions regarding The Crusader Clothing Co. please contact Jennie Vandevere at

How can I order a personalized football jersey?

Complete your order the following link: JERSEY ORDER
Once a number of jerseys have been requested, an order will be placed. Once the jerseys come in, they will be sent home with your child.