FPDS: Leading the Way in Elementary Education

by Meredith Johnson

By being one of the only schools in the metro-Jackson area that offers kindergarten through sixth grade education exclusively, First Presbyterian Day School is a leading specialist in elementary education. Why is this important in the life of a child?

A Biblical foundation laid in the heart of a child before age 12 is crucial to spiritual development. During these key formative years, children soak up Scriptural teaching like sponges. FPDS isn’t just a school where students attend chapel and are allowed to pray, but one that incorporates Christ into every hour of every day. It is the goal of FPDS to affect the heart of every child that enters its doors and plant seeds of Christlikeness so that these men and women grow into oaks of righteousness, plantings for the Lord.

An intimate school environment during the most formative years fosters a sense of safety and security through adolescence. FPDS offers age-appropriate facilities and activities so that students can have developmentally appropriate experiences. With low student to teacher ratios, students thrive in the classroom, contributing to the healthy academic, social, and spiritual development of a child.

Curriculum alignment for grades kindergarten through sixth ensures a mature and consistent academic product. The administration at FPDS travels the country to study curriculum at other Christian independent schools, and brings those programs back to pray over and pilot for at least one year before implementing.

Long term relationships with friends and faculty developed before age 13 are priceless. A spiritual foundation is laid, and students are prepared to go out into the bigger community and shine as examples, make good choices, and lead with confidence in all areas. Through the teachings contained within the FPDS declaration, the FPDS faculty and administration seeks to instill in each student a sense of Christlikeness, community, and servanthood.

Students have many opportunities to be leaders without being overshadowed by older students. FPDS exposes children to a myriad of arts, technology, and science, as well as a variety of sports opportunities, which allows students to explore and discover their gifts and passions.

Parenting young children in today’s culture is not an easy task. By choosing a school that teaches just seven grades, parents can be assured that administration is well versed and knowledgeable in dealing with issues specific to this age group. The faculty and administration at FPDS believes that raising a child is a partnership between school, home, and church. Christian teaching must begin at home before age five and is then reinforced upon entering elementary school. FPDS strives to come alongside the parent not only as reinforcement but as a resource as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of a Christian-balanced elementary school, visit fpds.org or call us for a personal tour.