Growing Up

by Kathryn Day

A few weeks ago I attended my first FPDS Back to School Night…as a PARENT! My oldest daughter is now a kindergartner, and I realized very quickly that I have a lot to learn about having a child in “real school” now. As I sat in her chair looking through a folder of information, her teacher asked if we could pray before she told us all about what our children would be learning in the coming year. What happened next caught me completely off guard – the minute she started to pray, I started to cry! I teach the Bible to our students here every day, I pray many times a day with them in this very building, I pray with my co-workers multiple times every week, so “Why am I crying? I pray in this building all the time!” was what I was asking myself as I tried to pull myself together.

After the night was over and my husband and I were headed home, it hit me. I have known all along how much I love the Day School, how much I support its mission to train our students in God’s Word that they might leave here one day making a difference for Christ in the world, but now that mission has come HOME to my own family. In the past few weeks I have learned a lot more about kindergarten, but I have also learned how thankful I am that we are giving our daughter the gift of growing up at First Pres.

I love to think about what Jesus was like as a child. He had to grow just as our children do. He had to learn to read and write, He had to get new shoes when Mary noticed that He had outgrown His old ones, He had to memorize Bible verses for school, and He had to learn to love others around Him who were hard to love. Jesus, like our children, had to grow up too.

So when I sat in my kindergartner’s desk that night, part of my tears came from the fact that she is growing up, but my tears were also happy too. Our family is able to give her the gift of growing up at FPDS. One of the things I love about being both a parent and a teacher here is seeing HOW our students learn. They learn as Jesus did. Luke 2:52 tells us that “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, in favor with God and men.” My kindergartner is already growing in wisdom – learning to read from the “Super Kids” and finally learning to make her letters touch the “midline” on her handwriting paper! She is growing in stature – I can tell we may need a larger sized skirt by Christmas time! And my prayer is that the Lord will use her time here to grow her in favor with both God and man. She is already hiding God’s Word in her heart through songs and Scripture and making new friends who are learning alongside her. It is also encouraging that when I ask her about her day, the first thing she likes to report on is what she learned in their classroom devotions.

As an FPDS parent and teacher, I am not sure there is any greater gift that we can give our children than a Christian education at this school. My kindergartner is growing up, and Lord willing, I pray she grows as Jesus did, “in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” How thankful I am that the Lord has seen fit to grow her up here at First Pres. It is not only a gift to her, but a gift to our entire family.