Interview Q&A with Emily Porter

This month, we visit with Emily Porter, FPDS support services team member, parent, and alumnus:

Tell us a little bit about your background. When did you know that you wanted to be a teacher?

I grew up in the Jackson area and attended FPDS, Jackson Prep, and Mississippi College.  While in college, I worked at Twin Lakes and was also the youth intern at my church.  During this time, I realized that I was called to work with kids.  I love forming relationships with and mentoring children.  I felt that teaching was the best avenue for this.  I changed my major to elementary education, and I haven’t looked back!

How have you seen God use you in your career?

More than anything, I feel that God uses the students I teach to influence me.  I strive to influence their lives and pour God’s love into them, but it always seems to end up the other way around.  God can use so many different things to speak into your life.  For me, that is often the precious voices of my 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

What are your favorite “shining moments” in your life or career?

My “shining moments” happen every single day that my students walk into my classroom.  They are such a joy in my life!

What advice do you have for young students who feel called to be a teacher?

As the old saying goes, “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it,” that is how it is with teaching.  If you feel called by God to do anything, you will do your best to answer the call.  Sometimes His call on our lives may not make sense, but “His ways are higher than our ways.” (Isaiah 55:9)  He created us for a specific work, and He will guide and direct us to it.

If you feel that FPDS plays a role in supporting you as a parent, please explain how.

FPDS does such a beautiful job in supporting me as a mother.  It is such a sweet blessing to my ears to hear my children declaring the gospel as they have been taught in school.   There is nothing in the world that could replace this precious time of God-fearing teachers pouring the truths of the Bible into their hearts every day.   These are truths that will stay with them for a lifetime. (I know this because those same truths I learned at the Day School are still with me!)