My Favorite Building

By Leigh Anne Moore, FPDS faculty and alum

I guess as far as buildings go, this building at 1390 North State Street is my favorite. I love beautiful old buildings and architecture…but this building…. So much of my life is tied to this place. I started 1st grade here. I came to know and love the Lord here. I met my first sweetheart and future husband here. I got my first teaching job here. I married here, sent my children to school here, and finally returned to my teaching career here at this beloved school.

If these walls could talk, what stories they would tell! They would tell of little children, from their earliest days, learning Who made them – and of His love for them. These walls have heard little children being told of the extravagant extent of their Creator’s love – God becoming man in the person of Jesus Christ. Children hear how Jesus lived and died and rose victoriously for them, conquering their sin and shame. In this building, children who are trusting the Lord Jesus are taught that they have the Holy Spirit indwelling them and enabling them to live for and obey their King.

But in this beloved building, children are also taught about their Father’s world. From learning their letters and numbers to learning to read and write, little sons of Adam and daughters of Eve begin learning how to rule over this vast world that they will one day inherit from their grandparents. They learn the mechanics of the English language so that they can adequately express their thoughts and feelings. They even learn Spanish, foreign to many of them, so that they can experience, appreciate, and relate to a culture different from theirs. In these walls, children read…Oh how they read! And as they learn to see themselves in the pages, they are introduced to the difficulties in this life as well as all of the goodness, beauty and truth to be found. In their math classes children learn, in tangible ways, that their God is the same yesterday, today and forever. They learn that they can count on Him (No pun intended) because 1+1 will always be 2, because their God is a God of order not chaos. As they run to the Science Lab,  their favorite place to study creation, they learn that from the enormous Solar System to the tiniest simple cell, the Creator of the universe is graciously revealing Himself to all of mankind.

At this beautiful building in the historic Belhaven Neighborhood children have been given a lens through which to view the world. For 50 years, children have been learning that this is indeed their Father’s world, and that it is their responsibility to rule it well. And when they leave these beloved and safe walls, they have been given a foundation to stand on. As they go deeper in their education and learn to think critically, and as they encounter world views that differ from theirs, and as they even experience resistance to what they have been taught, we trust that the One who began a good work in them will keep them…that He will bring to mind the many scriptures that have hung on these walls…that He will engrave the many memory verses on their hearts…that these young Image Bearers of God will glorify Him with their lives.

What a gift this building has been to our city, nation and world! As John Mellencamp says – I’ll probably die here…yes…this is probably where they’ll bury me. I love this building.