Carpool & Safety

The safety of all students is one of the most important matters pertaining to school each day.

• All curbs of Belhaven and Pinehurst Streets (all the way to Jefferson Street) are for drop-off/pick-up only from 7:15-8 a.m. and from 2:15-3:15 p.m. If you are parking and exiting your vehicle, park in the lots. No vehicle should be parked in any curbside lane during these times.

Once your child is in the car, you can pull out of line to leave. Cars behind should pull forward so that we keep a moving line along the curb.

• Students will not walk past the playground steps/ fence on Pinehurst during afternoon carpool. (Previously some students walked to the corner of Jefferson and Pinehurst).

•Students who remain outside at 3 p.m. will be sent to check in at Company.

Morning and Afternoon Carpool Reminders: 

• Do not use your phone during the drop-off or pick-up process. Looking down at a text or to dial a number, even for a second, is unacceptable. We have too much foot and car traffic during this time to be looking at our phones. PLEASE wait until you are out of our loading and unloading area before using your phone in any manner.
• Drivers should not make u-turns in the road.
• Students, friends, and family should only cross the street at designated crosswalks, which are on Pinehurst at the school entrance and Belhaven next to the covered driveway only. **The crosswalk at Miller Hall/ church driveway on Pinehurst is NOT a designated crosswalk.
• Students should not be dropped-off or unloaded from a vehicle in the street and allowed to walk between cars. This is unnecessary and unsafe at any time.

K-6th Grade Morning Carpool (7 to 8 a.m.)

Parents should drop-off students on Pinehurst Street and Belhaven Street (fifth and sixth grade only) next to the curb only, not into the streets. If you wish to walk your child in, please park in the Pinehurst Street parking lot.

Kindergarten Afternoon Carpool (12:15 p.m.)

Parents should form a line along the curb of Pinehurst Street (westbound). Teachers will accompany children to their cars.

***Kindergarten students who have an older sibling at FPDS may be picked up at the kindergarten door on the Pinehurst Street side at 2:40 carpool by a PARENT ONLY.

1st – 6th Grade Afternoon Carpool

See Carpool Map below. Please note changes listed in first three paragraphs above. Also, note change that fourth grade students will be picked up on the Belhaven side. If you have younger children, you may make one pick up on Pinehurst if you prefer.

Rainy Day Carpool

On rare occasions when tornado warnings or severe thunderstorms are present at 2:40 p.m., students will not be dismissed to stand outside in dangerous weather conditions. The school administration will send out a text message indicating that parents must come into the building to pick up their carpools. In addition, administration will place a red flag outside the kindergarten entrance and on Belhaven Street.


Security guards are posted on both the Belhaven and Pinehurst Street parking lots 24 hours a day. Cameras are also posted inside and outside the building. ALL doors remain locked. Parents will use a code or be buzzed in at one door at the Pinehurst Entrance and one door at the Belhaven Entrance

Carpool Map

{Download Carpool Map}

Preschool Carpool

MORNING CARPOOL: 8 – 8:15 a.m. Parents should enter from the neighborhood on Belhaven Street heading TOWARD North State Street (westbound). Teachers will unload children from the cars under the covered walkway. If you wish to walk your child in before 8 a.m., please park in the Pinehurst Street parking lot.

AFTERNOON CARPOOL: Noon - 12:15 p.m. Parents should form a line along the curb of Belhaven Street heading TOWARD North State Street (westbound). Teachers will accompany children to their cars and assist with loading them in.

**Preschool students will also have the option to be accompanied to the kindergarten suite at 2:40 carpool, so that parents picking up older siblings may meet them there. Siblings are not permitted to pick up or drop off preschool students from their classrooms or the kindergarten suite for morning or afternoon carpool.

RAINY DAY CARPOOL: Because of the covered walkway at drop-off and pick-up, preschool rainy day carpool will remain the same as usual.

Before School

Preschool early room is available in the Youth House from 7:30 – 7:45 a.m. for no charge. A parent must walk your child into the Youth House; from 7:45 until 8 a.m. walk your child to his or her classroom. Park in the Pinehurst parking lot and enter the building by the school office.

Kindergarten - sixth grade students arriving in the mornings between 7 and 7:30 a.m. are kept under administrative supervision in the cafeteria.

At 7:30, kindergarten students are dismissed to their classrooms, and first through sixth graders are dismissed to each grade’s “early room” until 7:45.