FACTS/Family Portal (Formerly ParentsWeb)

Family Portal (formerly ParentsWeb) is used for the following purposes:

  • Updating student and parent contact information*
  • Viewing student attendance
  • Viewing most recent copy of report card
  • Accessing FACTS tuition management and incidentals account

If you do not have a Family Portal username and password, please click the "Create New Family Portal Account" link next to the Login button. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please click the "Forgot Username/Password?" link under the Password field.

*Parents are asked to maintain current email addresses with their child’s teacher and via Family Portal.

To access Family Portal, please visit: https://fp-ms.client.renweb.com/pw/ If you need to set up a Family Portal account, please click the Create New ParentsWeb Account below the login box.


We are pleased to have partnered with our school information system, FACTS, and AWARE to provide an FPDS app free of charge for your smartphone and iPad.  You will find the app by going to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and searching for "First Presbyterian Day School."

This app will give you a one-stop access to:

  • *Weekly Parent Newsletter
  • School calendar
  • Lunch menu
  • Online forms (more to be added soon)
  • FACTS account billing
  • Student schedules, attendance and grades (if applicable)
  • **Family directory
  • More features will be added in the future as they become available.

*Parents who enable the “allow notifications” option will receive a push notification when the weekly parent newsletter is distributed on Fridays and can access this via the app in addition to the email.

**The family directory allows you to search by either student name or parent name. Additional features include filtering by grade level.

Note: You will need to create a profile account once you have installed the app.  This will be done via the menu located in the upper-right corner of the app.  Additionally, certain features will require you log in one time with your ParentsWeb account.  Once logged in, it will remember your Family Portal credentials for a given period of time.

**You will use FP-MS for the District Code when prompted.