FACTS/Family Portal

(District Code: FP-MS)**

Family Portal is used for the following purposes:

  • Updating student and parent contact information*
  • Viewing student attendance
  • Viewing most recent copy of report card
  • Accessing FACTS tuition management and incidentals account
  • Student and family directory, including contact information.

If you do not have a Family Portal username and password, please click the "Create New Family Portal Account" link next to the Login button. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please click the "Forgot Username/Password?" link under the Password field.

*Parents are asked to maintain current email addresses with their child’s teacher and via Family Portal.

To access Family Portal, please visit: https://fp-ms.client.renweb.com/pw/ If you need to set up a Family Portal account, please click the Create New ParentsWeb Account below the login box.

**You will use FP-MS for the District Code when prompted.