Partnering with Teachers for a Successful Year

by Jennifer Dryden

A successful school year begins with teamwork – you, your child, and your child’s teachers. “A positive parent-teacher relationship helps your child feel good about school and be successful in school,” advises Diane Levin, Ph.D., professor of education at Wheelock College. “It demonstrates to your child that he can trust his teacher, because you do. This positive relationship makes a child feel like the important people in his life are working together.”

FPDS is blessed to have awesome teachers, but we are not perfect. Communication is key! Communicate, communicate, communicate. We want to partner with you for a wonderful 2015-2016 school year.

Here are some ideas to consider as we jump into fall:

  • Make the teacher aware of any concerns you may have.  Provide them with information that can aid them in teaching your child.
  • Treat the teacher – parent – child relationship with respect.  Instead of immediately confronting the teacher with what you see is wrong, partner with the teacher to problem-solve effective ways to help your child.
  • Be objective.  Don’t listen only to what your child says about an incident.  Try to look at situations objectively and see them through not only your child’s perspective, but also the teacher’s.
  • Understand that not all teachers are the same.  Help your child to see that teachers have different personalities and teaching styles.
  • Let your child know that you support the teacher and the school as well as them.  Don’t say negative things about the teacher in front of your child.  Children need to know that parents have their teachers’ backs and vice versa.