Dyslexia Immersion Program

Beginning in second grade, students with a diagnosis of dyslexia are placed in our Dyslexia Immersion Program.  This unique program offers our students the opportunity to receive the academic portion of their day in a setting that incorporates multisensory techniques led by a dyslexia therapist who is also a certified teacher. Students receive dyslexia therapy every day and are provided increased one-on-one academic support across the curriculum.  In second grade, the primary focus is for the students to master the sound/symbol relationship of our language in order to develop reading and writing skills.

Students continue this program into third grade, where they are taught the advanced skills and concepts of dyslexia therapy.  In addition to therapy, students are introduced to morphology where they begin to learn how to analyze the structure of words such as:  stems, root words, prefixes, and suffixes.  The second year of the Dyslexia Immersion Program focuses on refining the students reading skills through targeted fluency practice and expanding on their knowledge of spellings rules through written expression.  Students are also provided access and exposure to assistive technology such as keyboarding in an effort to equip them with additional tools to meet the academic demands.

In fourth grade, the final year of the Dyslexia Immersion Program, students continue to expand on the foundation laid through the previous two years of dyslexia therapy.  Students also continue their study of words through morphology.  A primary focus of this culminating year is for the students to take ownership of their learning. This is done by providing opportunities for the students to discover and implement the strategies that work best for them.